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Firma oferuje projektowanie, tworzenie i sprzedaż interaktywnych dokumentów elektronicznych oraz użytkowych programów komputerowych a także kompleksową obsługę przy wdrażaniu i wykorzystywaniu rozwiązań informatycznych.

Excel Add-In Amount In Words in English
specification, examples, install

Function Amount In Words - Description of and general information

Add-In (the extension) to Excel Microsoft Office lets you use the formula contained therein (included functions) in a manner analogous to the built-in functions such as by entering into a spreadsheet cell, the appropriate command.

Inwords.xla add-in provides command / function that shows (convert) the number / amount (digital recording) to record verbal (text) in the English language in accordance with the applicable rules. The number identifies the quintilliard (decillion) inclusive (up to 36 places before the decimal point). The add-in allows you to present the number of two ways: using a long scale or a short one. The Long Scale (traditional European) is inforce i.e. in Poland and other countries of the old continent and the short scale (American) is used for example in the U.S., and (with minor modifications) in the UK. The differences in the naming of numbers on the scale of long and short start-up of a billion. The add-in presents the amount of default using traditional European names.

How to convert a numeric value into English words in Microsoft Excel ?

With the add-in of inwords.xla just have to enter the formula and the text will write the word 'alone'!

You can either enter the data and indicate the address of the cell!

Formula Amount In Words - Syntax command:


amount - the number in a digital format - the amount you want to format the text


symbol - in the case of application of the second argument will be used as currency


US - when given as the third argument as 'US' record verbal amount will be presented using a short scale (U.S.)

Download Amount In Words in English
and links to other Excel formulas

download add-in amount in words in english - Excel

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Formula amount of words in English - Examples

Figure 1. Part of a Microsoft Excel worksheet. An example of using formulas / functions presents a number in writing stating the verbal data (amount to be paid; currency) directly in the formula.

Example 1 - the amount in words in English - a formula in Excel

Figure 2 and 3. Fragment of a Microsoft Excel sheets. Example use of formatting amount (digital recording) in the text (write the word) in the formula giving the address of the cell (amount) and currency 'euro' out of the formula and formula.

Example 2 - the amount in words in English - a function in Excel

Example 3 - the amount of words in English - a formula in Excel

Figure 4 and 5. Portions of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Presentation of naming numbers in the short scale and comparison of long and short scales.

Exaple 4 - the amount in words in English - Excel forumla

Exaple 5 - the amount in words in English - Excel function

Function Amount In Words in English - Install the add-in for Microsoft Excel

Installing the addition takes place in two stages:
1.) copy of the add-ons directory,
2.) activation in Excel.

To find the default location, run Excel add-ons and turn to select:

Instalacja dodatku - Przycisk Pakietu Office
Instalacja dodatku - przycisk Opcje programu Excel
Instalacja dodatku - przycisk Dodatki
Instalacja dodatku - przycisk Przejdź...
Instalacja dodatku - przycisk Przeglądaj...
Instalacja dodatku - okno Przeglądaj

Office Button  -->  Excel Options  -->  Add-ins  -->  Manage...  -->  Browse...
and then in the window , that opens, expanding / clicking on the address bar, check the path to the directory. That's what the best directory to copy the plug.

In most cases, tested in accordance with the above, the default location will coincide with additives:

- for Windows XP:
   C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Extras\

- for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10:

- Or whatever version of the operating system Library folder, which is located in the installation folder of Microsoft Office (Note: This location is not recommended, and in some cases, it can cause problems with the privileges and add-in may not work!)
   C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Library\

Please make sure the downloaded add-in extension .xla In other cases (such as .xls), please manually change the extension to .xla. If you can not change the extension add-on (the system does not show file extensions), you must change the configuration. You can do this by going to Control Panel -> Folder Options, View tab by checking the box next to Hide extensions for known file types.

The formula Amount In Words - Charging (activation) installed add-in

Excel 97 - 2003
1. Select from the main menu: Tools -> Add-ons 2. Check the checkbox next to the add-in that you want to load 3. Click the OK button

Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
1. select: Office Button -> Excel Options button
2. then: Add-ins -> click Manage...
3. a dialog box appears Add-ons. In the add-ons available, check the box next to the add-in that you want to load
4. Click the OK button

From now on, every time you open an Excel workbook additional functions (formula Amount In Words) will be active.

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